Average pound saved using BGE: £2,000

Average time saved using BGE: 5 Hours.

We check the market every 6 hours to ensure we can find the best product for you.

100% of customers would recommend us to friends and colleagues.

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Monitoring the commercial energy market on your behalf

Business-Gas-Electric puts your business energy management interests first.  We can get you get better rates on gas and electricity for your business.

As a highly experienced, whole of market independent commercial energy broker, we can work on your behalf to facilitate a cheaper deal between you and your energy supplier.

We assess your specific energy consumption and match you up not only with the best value supplier, but also the type of contract most suited to your own particular requirements.

In short, we are committed to giving you a more informed choice on your gas and electricity contracts, and we can handle the entire procurement process for you from start to finish.

Business-Gas-Electric is at the forefront of energy purchasing for businesses in the UK. Call us today and find out if we can give your business a boost by reducing your utility costs.

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A dedicated service

We take great pride in giving you a first class service designed to get you the best deal we can.  We handle any queries directly with the suppliers, leaving you secure in the knowledge that the management of your energy contract is in safe hands.

In depth market knowledge

We will always be there for you to deal with the complexities of energy contract management, whether by simply advising you over the phone or approaching suppliers on your behalf to secure rapid solutions, competitive quotes and cheaper prices.

Serving all types of business and industry

Whether you run a shop or a restaurant, a school or a commercial office, a warehouse or a manufacturing premises, we can manage your energy contracts.

Fully independent, professional advice

You have the peace of mind of knowing that we are completely independent, so we will always act in your best interests.

Stress free contract management

You will not have to worry about a thing as Business-Gas-Electric seamlessly takes care of all your energy contract needs.

Your energy needs, today and tomorrow

You benefit not only from our expertise now, but also from our continual scrutiny of the commercial energy market.  We evaluate your current and future energy usage to get you a great deal.

Business-Gas-Electric ensures that your needs are well taken care of, contacting you at an early date to ensure that quotes and contracts are all in place in good time. They can secure quick and competitive quotes and look after the whole process from start to finish.

Michael Hall
Latate Property

After doing an analysis of our gas and electric bills, B-G-E managed to find us new prices with savings of over £2,000 a year. They were very quick and efficient, dealing with the renewal process in a very professional manner which made the change over hassle free.

BBS Zatman Ltd

Business-Gas-Electric know the market and helped us transfer numerous supplies absolutely hassle free, slashing bills by more than half.

Samuel Halpern
Amco Property management


Finding you a better deal on your commercial gas and electricity

It’s our job to save you time and money on your gas and electricity, whether you run a business, commercial office space, a school, hospital or other public building.

With a proven track record for saving our clients’ money on their energy management and spend, you could benefit from cost reductions of between 20 and 25% with Business-Gas-Electric on your team.

With more than 25 UK suppliers of commercial gas and electricity for business, our inside working knowledge of the industry, and how their contract terms work, means we can support you with a range of energy procurement services:

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Energy contract switching service

The chances are that whatever type of contract you currently have, you can save money by switching or making your existing supplier match more competitive quotes.  All you need to do is call us and we will scan the market to get you a better deal.

Contract renewals

We monitor the energy market and compare your contract renewal with other options with a host of different suppliers.  We can negotiate a lower renewal quote from your existing supplier or manage your switch to a cheaper supplier.

Bill validation services

You need to be sure you are not paying more than you have to for your business gas and electricity.  We can analyse your existing contract, consumption and spend to ensure it is correct.  If we can get you a discounted or reduced contract, we’ll tell you.  We also offer a meter installation service anywhere in the UK.  We can install, upgrade or move both commercial and domestic gas and electric meters.  We offer you a free survey and no obligation quote for this service too.

Contract terminations

We can serve termination notices on your behalf if you have decided that your current deal is not for you.  We can also double check that you are not unfairly penalised for early termination and that any charges applied are within your terms and conditions.

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If you are in dispute with your existing supplier, as our client you will benefit from support to help resolve the issue.  And if we are unable to achieve resolution, we can put you in touch with the independent industry Ombudsman service.

To team up with Business-Gas-Electric

Call: 0330 088 0515

M. Salzer

We were recommended B-G-E by a local company who themselves used B-G-E and found their pricing very competitive and were delighted with their customer service. We got ourselves a very good deal on both gas and electric from B-G-E in addition to an excellent customer service, which allowed me to get on with other duties, taking out all the stress that can come about when renewing a contract.

Ilyas Patel
Al Jamiatal Islamiya Bolton

B-G-E provided a quote and we took out a contract that saved us over £5,000 on our renewal offer from our then current supplier. The service was very efficient.

D Fhima
NEZER Hatorah College

Business-Gas-Electric was really helpful, getting us instant quotes for both gas and electric and beating another quote we had by 25%. They did all the leg work and got hold of all the information we needed. The change over process was very smooth and we took out new contracts.  We recommend this service to anyone in any sector since it can really save any business time and money.

Tomer devorah seminary London

BGE helped us with our gas and electric contracts at the Seminary. They helped us sort out the change of tenancy for both gas and electric taking all the stress and time off my head so I could get on with other important matters. In addition they save us around 25% compared to what we were currently paying. Highly recommendable.

Ace Windows NE

BGE renewed our electricity contract and secured some good prices for us. The process was smooth and hassle free. A pleasure to deal with.

E Inglis
Richard Inglis and co.

BGE arranged our renewals for both gas and electric. They were professional, pleasant to deal with and they saved us around 20% on our energy spend. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to save money and receive a hassle and stress free service.

Kerem Shloime School Manchester

Jonathan sorted out our gas and electric contracts at the school. Jonathan was helpful and always on hand to answer any questions we had. He also dealt with our change of tenancy and slashed our bills by 50%!. Highly recommended.